Here 3 crashing

Hey guys,

I have just bought a here 3 gps with a cube orange and i am having major issues. I have never been able to get it to find a gps signal. When i go in slcan mode the unit doesn’t always show up, when it does the timer for uplink often stops and i can’t access the parameters page.

It has taken me two days to update the firmware both the unit and the chipset, i found that it wouldn’t update while the counter was frozen. After an update it now shows up in slcan mode but still has a frozen timer and parameter page is often not there and it shows “no fix” and “unhealthy gps signal”.

Can anyone help?

Please try to update again and see if it get better or not.
You may also try CAN2 with SLCAN2

Ok so i have tried to connect to it on both can ports and now if it shows up in mission planner slcan mode it can’t talk to it. It just seems to get a report and then not talk anymore, no logs, no parameters and no uptime counter.

Since i can’t connect to it it won’t update nor can i update the firmware in u center as ucenter won’t connect to it either

OK so after reseting around 10 times it finally started doing what it should be doing and i managed to update both through mission planner and through u center and now it recognises it and cannot get a signal, it just says unhealthy gps signal and no fix no matter where i am.

I noticed after i updated it that there are some raw flags could that be why? here is a screen shot

While your autopilot is connected to Mission Planner, open and double click the tuning screen. Select satcount.

Do you see any values?

Hey mate,

When i open the config menu item i don’t have an option for tuning nor do i have any flight mode options. see screen shots. Is that normal? i fell like it’s not.

OK just loaded quadcopter firmware and now everything seems to work. Is it a problem with the ardupilot sub firmware do you reckon?

Maybe you were not using the latest firmware to update the Here3. There was some problems in CAN in older firmware.

do you think i should update the firmware on the here 3 now? is that a good idea?

also for some reason i have problems connecting on mavlink now, i have to turn it off and leave it for a while before i try and connect is that a normal thing?

I can’t think any reasons not to. Newer firmware (stable, not beta) has newer functions and fixes for the known issues. You should always update to the latest, unless for special reason you want to stick to older firmware. Same on the autopilot.

Because autopilot first boot into bootloader then actually boot into the loaded firmware. This is normal. You can have a look at its name in device manager.