Here 3 RTK with GPS Blending?

I am looking to purchase two Here3 GPS modules for GPS blending along with the Here+ base station for RTK. Is it possible to accomplish both GPS blending and RTK together? Using a Pixhawk Cube Orange 2.1 with Rover.

Also, this will be my first time working with an RTK system so I wanted to ask how other people’s experience with it has been. Does it hold up to the 2.5cm accuracy the specs claim?

RTK is worked by the GPS chip inside Here3, while blending is done by the autopilot.
Therefore they can work together.

GPS blending in Ardupilot is basically switch between or mix 2 GPS sources.

The accuracy can variate with interference nearby, obstacles, surveying time, and even weather. The spec states the most ideal situation.

Got it thanks so much! Do you have any personal experience you can share about the accuracy of the RTK system?

As long as the surrounding environment good, and survey until you are satisfied with displayed accuracy in RTK surveying page, the result should be good enough.

Can anyone guide me on how to use dual Here3 GPS and let me know the parameter setting for the same in Cube orange on Hex copter?

Please refer to the instruction in docs.cubepilot