Here GPS LED Flashing and improper function

I have uploaded the following video on youtube in order for anyone that knows to help me out with what is the problem i am seeing. I have NOT flown and not willing to try anything till i figure it out.
Thanx in advance
Is this a radio failsafe? Seems the yellow is single yellow, but after with the button during boot works.
Any ideas?

Seems the system hangs on GPS detection. from what i see on MP Messages
GPS 1: detected as u-blox at 115200 baud
Initialising APM
Barometer calibration complete
Calibrating barometer
u-blox 1 HW: 00080000 SW: EXT CORE 3.01 (107900)
PreArm: Hardware safety switch
EKF2 IMU1 tilt alignment complete
EKF2 IMU0 tilt alignment complete
Initialising APM
Barometer calibration complete
u-blox 1 HW: 00080000 SW: EXT CORE 3.01 (107900)
fmuv3 00240033 30365109 31353833
ChibiOS: d2030d88
ArduCopter V3.6.5 (d37125bd)

UPDATE AFTER A MILLION TESTS: I decided to disable BRD_SAFETYENABLE and now it boots properly does anyone have any idea as what it might be?

I would suggest turn on logging when disarmed. Then get a log to post here so the experts can help

Thank you for your suggestion but i think the issue was just figured out.
After alot of testing i realized that if i completely disconnect my Telemetry from the board and connect it only after it boots, everything works fine, which makes it strange since this had never been an issue in the past with a similar module. In the morning i will connect the Tmodule direct on a BEC and make a series of tests. Might be that power on boot is not enough from the powerbrick with the Tmodule connected and hangs on boot.
As soon as everything is verified i will post my finding, that may help other people in the future. What i would like though is to find if there is a Here2 LED color code, which i was not able to find in any place.

Yes high power telemetry should never be powered with FC

Yes, When i use HP modules i do external power but this is a 100mw that i have used for some time and makes it look strange. Anyway i will power external and also backup power the cube in order to test, since both of these are my test units.