Here+ V2 GNSS RTK parameters

Can someone refresh me or give me a link for the parameter settings regarding the GPS safety switch.
I have looked through the V1 manual and can’t find the V2 manual, I know it is out there so a link to that would be helpful too.


There is no changes for safety switch from here2 to here+ v2 both use the same parameters

The parameters are not in the V1 manual that I can find. I am not sure what I parameters I need to set so I do not need to disable the arming checks.

What exactly are you trying to do? Have you looked at the ardupilot wiki?

Yes Sir, I have looked at the wiki. I have missed something I am sure and apologize.
I am trying to set parameters:
With the Here GPS I had trouble getting any setting to work.

This has nothing to do with the here.

The here just gives a button.

I assume that as you are talking about here+, you are not talking CAN as it’s only available on Serial.

Correct I am talking about the Here+. In my messages keep seeing “Pre arm hardware safety switch”
How can I fix this and keep all arming checks enabled?

Maybe your safety switch in HereGPS is broken. In my Here GPS it’s jams from time to time.

Press and hold safety switch. It’s not a momentary touch button

Ok I guess I am being stupid. I thought the Here+ did not have the safety switch. Duh the button on top, But I read something about one of these parameters BRD_SAFETYENABLE,
BRD_SAFETYOPTION that I can’t find again. Should these be changed from default for RTK or some other reason with the Here+?