Here+ v2 with CANBUS


Does the Here+ V2 rover module support UAVCAN? I flipped the switch to CAN mode inside the unit but when I do that I only get steady flickering blue LEDs, which I believe means that the unit isn’t booting.

Has anyone successfully verified this GPS using CAN?

Thank you.

CAN mode on Here+v2 is not ready yet.


If it’s not a difficult question to answer, is CAN support for the Here+ V2 something in the pipeline? Is it something that will likely exist sooner or later - I understand that there’s probably some third party licensing with u-blox since firmware updates are through their software rather than over Mavlink.

I have a few Here+V2 modules that we have some upcoming applications for and I’d like to know if there’s no point planning to use the rover module over UAVCAN.


We will have a update for Here+v2 that includes RTK over CAN

Hello is it still possible to use can to connect from here+ to pixhawk orange? I just tried it and it won’t let me connect, I have here3 connect over CANbus but not here +