Here2 and Here3 in dual blended mode

I have used two Here2 GPSes in dual blended mode for a while and its working great. I have one GPS on CAN bus and the other on I2C. Thats because its not possible yet with two GPS on CAN in bleded mode as I understand. Now I am thinking about using one Here3 as primary and a one Here2 as secondary GPS in blended mode instead. Would that be possible with those different GPSes?

This should work but probably not suggested. Averaging 2 gps modules, which they have different performance, have no benefit to the accuracy.

Dual GPS with 2 identical modules will be more reasonable

But can I use two GPS with CAN BUS in dual, blended mode? Two months age you said CAN/blended mode us not ready yet and Here3 is only CAN, not serial right?

Also is the accurancy you get without RTK corrections on Here3 GPS any better than the accurancy on Here2?

If I remembered correctly, Here2 and Here3 use the same ublox chip.
However the optimization and some features are different