Trying to setup my CubeOrange and one of my HERE2’s CAN as my primary GPS and using the other HERE2 I2C on GPS1 so I can use the safety switch. Running Copter 4.0.2 and I believe I have all the parameters setup right but I’m not sure. I have GPS_TYPES = 231, GPS_TYPE2 =1, GPS_AUTO_SWITCH =2 (blend), CA_P1 & P2_ DRIVER =2, NTF_LED_TYPES =231. Am I missing anything? As it is I show two GPS’s in MissionPlanner and I had three compasses at first but had to disable #2, internal, because I was having problems with it coming up as inconsistent all the time when I was trying to the compass compensation on them. Want to make sure everything is setup right before it’s maiden flight & Autotune are done. Thanks, Robert

Well, I take it that my settings are “hopefully” correct and it doesn’t matter much if I want the HERE2 in CAN as the primary GPS running Dual GPS’s. Mission Planner shows both so I guess I’ll just run with it.