Here3 doesn't work after updating from ArduPlane 4.1.7 to 4.2.1


I updated my CubeOrange from ArduPlane 4.1.7 to 4.2.1 and GPS here 3 just stopped to working

In 4.1.7, at the same position (inside office), gps locked with 3 sats and I received data (GPS 3D FIX)

After updating, the number of sats stay at one and I waited a long time.

Already started a discussion in Ardupilot forum and I was told that it is ok, and suggested to look for information here.

The logs are attached, from a flight in 4.1.7 and an update to 4.1.2

Thank you

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I tried with same set up(orange cube , here3 and ArduPlane 4.2.1 )outside at parking lot.
Can you please try again outside?

Hi @Mike_ZY

For 4.2.1, the parameter GPS_AUTO_CONFIG should be set to 1.

In 4.1.7, this parameter was 2.

This has changed in copter as well

Could you explain why? Description of parameter is not changed and still


I don’t know why. I just noticed that with GPS_AUTO_CONFIG set to 2, the GPS stopped to work. I figured it out because in the description of 4.1.7, as shown below, the parameter is:

I don’t know if anyone in Ardupilot knows about it.