Herelink 2.4 GHz hotspot

After updating the firmware on my herelink GCS unit I noticed that my laptop (which doesn´t have a 5GHz wifi adapter) could detect its hotspot (I´m not sure if it was able to do so before the update), the problem is that after I edited the hotspot options (name and password) it became 5GHz and I can´t change it back to 2.4 GHz. There´s a drop down menu for selecting the band, however 5GHz is the only option.
So my question is, since I already know that the hardware is capable of creating a 2.4GHz wifi hotspot (tested on two herelink GCS units), how do I change the wifi band of the herelink hotspot?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Herelink only supports 5ghz Wifi for hotspot.