HereLink Access Point not Visible


We’ve found that on several occasions the Herelink Access point isn’t visible. This is the case when searching for it on multiple devices.

So far the only solution we’ve found is to continuously power-cycle the handset until it eventually becomes visible.

Any help would be appreciated!

Please try to set the region to US, then reboot.
It should now be visible. Then switch the region back and reboot, to go back to original RF authentication.

Is this just a temporary fix or a permanent reset of the radio? I.e will this need to be done every time the AP is not visible?

It should be permanent. The reason behind is that some RF authentications blocks certain bands. Change region to US would release them.

Thanks for the help so far, but I’m afraid that this didn’t fix it.
We had the same issue appear after cycling the regions.

Any other ideas?

Can you try to replicate the problem again and generate a bug report?