Herelink Air unit Connection Help

Hey guys,

So ive wired up my connections to the air unit, but the problem is that I powered it up with a 4s battery, I totally forgot about the voltage power it has, so when I powered it up by the 4s battery only 1 led light was appeared “Led2” led 1 wasn’t powering up and I paired the air unit to the rc and it got paired, and then I tried connecting to mission planner, it didn’t work. So I realized that I’m using 4s battery and it needs 3s. I powered up my 3s and the two led lights worked finally. But still the connection thing doesn’t work, and the led light shows green which means it is binded to my rc . I connect to mission planner by clicking UDP, then adding the port 14550. But it always tells me connection failed. And when I add 14552 port it keeps saying connecting to mavlink but at the end nothing happens. My concern is do you think I burnt the air unit, and if not why its not connecting is there any problems or anything missing I did?