Herelink Air Unit SBUS Output & Overheating


Have been using the Herelink system for some time now. Has been working great until recent update, or something.

There is no SBUS output what so ever.

At 10.5V/<1A (provided by ESC), Air Unit is getting crazy hot.

I have re-flashed firmware multiple times. I have 2x Herelink systems and this is happening to both all of a sudden. All updated to latest version, and with all possible radio calibrations complete.

Could this potentially be because the latest firmware is meant for the Herelink 2.0?


what firmware’s are installed?

Online Version: AAU01211129
Local Version: AAU01211129
Baud: 57600

Can’t update OTA as the buttons for that are greyed out.

In contact with distributor.

ok so thats teh air unit firmware, which is the stable firmware

can you goto settings > about phone > status > and list the version in there under oem verison?

settings > about phone > system update > and list the version from there

OEM build number / Current version: BRU01211104

so both those indicate its on the latest stable 1.0 firmware. and they havn’t changed since November 2021. so can you confirm the antennas are connected ok, and cable/connectors are all intact.

Ok thanks - I’ve triple checked, and used another SBUS cable from my other Herelink set, same outcome. Antennas are ok, no particular order right?

Have sent through a bug report.