HereLink Air Unit update flasher error

Hello, i'm having some trouble with the air unit firmware update. I've plugged the unit to the computer, plugged the battery to the unit via the (5-12v) power port and started the flasher_win, but it opens up and closes with some error codes.

Here's what the CMD window shows. Am I doing anything wrong? Are there any drivers that need to be installed?

Thanks in advance.

how are you powering it? what voltage? need 7+

Hi Michael,
We were using a fully charged 2s li-po, the voltage was about 8,2v when we ran the flasher app.

did you install the google adb drivers?

Yes, we did.

I had some problems running the flasher exe from a temp dir… try to put it directly in your document dir for example.

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and try in a directory without any spaces in the path to it.

… or funny characters