Herelink Air units dont Broadcast image

Good Morning,

I am experiencing video feedback problems again. I have 3 Herelink receivers. Before 2 of them were working perfectly with our FLIR and go Pro 7. Few weeks ago one of them stopped working with the go Pro and worked only with the FLIR. Today I tried and the other 2 are not broadcasting anything at all with none of the cameras.

Any ideas?

That is very odd.

I have figured it out:

That board was damaged. I have a fried Herelink receiver, but looks like that bard was good so I replaced the one in the receiver that works and now it works perfectly. I think I will need 2 more of these to fix the other receiver. What could cause all of these boards to break? Maybe heat?

I am using one of this cables to communicate the Herelink Receiver with the outside, and then another one to communicate the outside with the camera, could that kind of wire cause the problems??


There are many possible reason that could break this board. It’s hard to tell.

I have tried these kind of flat cables before. They are either not working or giving terrible noise/delay.

I see, I do not like them neither, they are giving nothing but problems.

Does anyone has experience or know where I could get this ones??

Also look what happened, this is the second time that this happens in the same drone. Never happened In any of the others (They are identical):

The wire melted and fried the go pro

This is in my country, my friend work there!

I think there are similar cables from Tarot.
I have no experience with such cables. I think at least those who are not shielded my introduce issues with the GNSS reception.

I have made good experience with modifying the original cable in a way that it fits my needs (space requirements and 90° angle, not flexibility). I think it mit be possible to replace some of the rubber isolation in order to make it more flexible too.

Thank you, it was very useful. Now I am trying to get this wires with this ends:

Also the ones in the links are similar, but I am trying to find exactly the ones I have here, with that restrain clip:

I will really appreciate any help