HereLink and ArduRover V3.5.1


Hi, I am testing HereLink with our unmanned boat (ArduRover V3.5.1), I have a problem with mode switching.
When I arm the boat and choose to switch to Auto I receive “Flight mode change faild message”.
When I chcek the flight mode settings there is a yellow message:
“Parameters are missing from firmware. You may be running a version of firmware QGC does not work correctly with or you firmware has a bug in it. Missing params:

The flight modes are set up correctly in Mission Planner, but do not show in Flight Modes setup on HereLink, also there is no way to assign flight modes in HereLink,

Is it the lack of compatibility with ArduRover or I missed something?

Thanks, Marek


You set up flight modes in joystick tab of qgc select the channel your flight modes are on then choose buttons and set them up for correct pwm value


Hi, I assigned Flight mode change to chanell 5 and button A.
I did joystick calibration, radio calibration without problems.
But still can’t change Flight modes from HereLink nor from MissionPanner amd still can’t access the Flight Mode config screen on QGC.

Maybe you can point me where did I go wrong.

The pics of my setup are below:

Thanks, Marek


You only have one button assigned to channel 5 you need to add a fuw more for how many modes you want then set the correct pwm for each button


The A button switches between 2 modes - manual and Auto. It just do not work and I do not know why.



When it asks you how many buttons press 4 for 4 flight modes or 6 for six flight modes. It tells you how to do it right there on the screen