HereLink and Here 2 CAN

I may be going mad but Philip can you confirm if QGC supports CAN for here 2 GPS as I’m getting no GPS Lock and no GPS data.

QGC has nothing to do with this…

Is it working on mission planner?

Yea it’s fine On MIssion Planner and is showing 3d lock and everything but nothing on Herelink.

It just shows No GPS Connected as if it’s not there on QGC, it’s really odd .

It does know something is connected as it shows the correct position for the unit based on that GPS but along the top it’s no GPS and also the box overlay on the screen as well. I spend an hour going around last night thinking I was mad after all but it seems not.

I am using a a daily build so will try it with 4.0 beta on plane and see if it’s the same.

This is on the ADSB board with Orange Btw.

It could be that QGC May be looking for HDOP…


Can you screenshot the issue?

damn it, it’s working today. Literally spend one - two hours yesterday to no avail.

Walked back up the workshop now and fired it all up to make you a quick video to demo and it’s working. Only difference is a reboot of the GS.

Yes I know, basic last one I should have tried but as everything else was behaving I did not think.

Sorry :confused::man_facepalming:

It’s still a bug… glad it’s behaving, let us know if it happens again