Herelink and S-Bus Decoder

Hello All,
I am using Herelink with great satisfaction. But now I need to manage my Gimbal and camera. I did try to to make Y fork on the Sbus cable from Herelink air unit, one to Pixhawk and second to SBus Decoder input. It is similar like with CrossFire. But is doesn’t work. Could you, please, somebody give me an advice how to manage gimbal and other accessories?
Thank you.

I assume its sbus input ?

If its not and is using PWM the best way is to assign the wheel in solex to a servo output and map it that way.

You will also be able to use the second sbus output very soon as well.

I dont have a Solex but QGC. Is it possible to do it with QGC?

Connect to your Cube outputs, and map through that.

See the latest beta update and either map to Sbus or map to Aux outpost with RC Passthrough.

Basically you can assign Sbus channels to each Aux or motor output.

I did play with it, but no success. I am not so good in this advanced settings. Could you please give more detailed description how to do it? I have ch 7,8,9 free for Auxs. (9 is slider for zooming). How to bind ch7-9 with Pix Auxs?
Thank you

Hi all, I read a lot about Herelink working with Solex, but how to install Solex to the Herelink? Everywhere are tutorials about settings with Solex, but how to install it in Herelink? Maybe I looks like Lama, but I need some advice.
Thank you.

Solex is already in HereLink if you updated your HereLink