Herelink Antenna Placement

Actually no body said that its better. Its only the claim of the Chinese seller that they improved their antenna, and made it better than HereLink, initially I thought the seller was bluffing and just trying to sell their stuff, but then I was wrong and they really did made changes as shown it the picture. So it is safe to assume that the seller was not telling a lie, and they really did improved the range. Secondly the antenna look a lot more sophisticated than simple small Dipole antenna used by herelink. That antenna literally wasted a lot of space, either the PCB should be smaller or the antenna should be bigger, it makes no sense to make such bulky antenna.
So if Banme_RC want to buy that antenna and try it out, i guess that should be not a problem to anyone :slight_smile:

I would really humbly suggest that responsible ppl those who designed this antenna should work on their antenna and come up with a better version, otherwise ppl will keep on complaining again and again… I dont like Telelink, or CUAV or their flight controllers… CUAV V5+ or V7 bla bla… I really appreciate Philip and his team and the Cube… That’s why i want herelink to be better than other replicas… I really dont understand what going one, but I love MissionPlanner, i dont know why they put QGroundControl software in the HereLink…


It suppose not to stick the antennas on a carbon fiber arms, legs, etc… thats the documentation say…


Mission Planner is not for Android.

And if you set your controller up as a hotspot you can run Mission Planner on a laptop and have the best of both.

Ok let’s be clear about a few things,

Better is a loose word and in the eye of the beholder, it can be better as it’s cheaper to make, it can be better because it’s bigger, longer, faster.

Regardless it’s all in the eye of the holder, antennas are measured in dbi gain, better is nonsense and only figures count and then they are all as reliable as a wet payer bag in rain storm.

Regardless it’s a omnidirectional Pcb antenna and it’s overall behaviour will be the same, in one situation it may give some gain over stock and others stock will give better over that.

There is no answer here that it’s better or improved.

Herelink uses MMCX connection opening the doors to any number of antenna options.

If Philip was unhappy with the antenna uses he would not use it, as he is not and has no regardless of what others say unless it’s quantifiable.

Frankly what other manufactures say about other products it’s irrelevant as it’s not unbiased and factual.

This system is no Herelink, it’s not better and from a user point of view it’s going to not offer the same level of support.

I think there has been enough talk of this system on these groups. There is little more that can be added other than if something’s it’s better then go for it and hopefully you will be fine. Other wise if you want to continue to get support and help on Herelink here is where you will get it.


@MadRC i would really appreciate if u performed the same 16km range test again and test with different antenna orientation like for example rotating ur air unit tripod at 45 and 90 degress and other test like attaching ESCs and run few motors to simulate the real world scenerio


Hey @White_Noor
That’s too much to ask from someone. As I suggested in my previous comment, I think it’s better you buy both systems and share your results and user experience.

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CUAV is copying the Herelink without approval. If you has ever created something youreself you will unterstand that this is very annoying and should not be supported.


its up to him whether he wants to do the test or not, i just showed my interest :slight_smile:

i am not in support of CUAV as i have already mentioned before.

Sorry im currenty in lock down with it may be lifting
In a few weeks, i also have other projects on in the short term

franky I have proven the spec is capable of what it says, more testing by anyone won’t really change the fact what one person gests another may not due to the variables. That stands for all radio systems.

I do intend to get back up there and will try to test again as I have some others I want to do but more tests change little for you.

Realty is this, you either need to take the plunge and try it as no amount of tests will give you the answer you want. There is no guarantees with radio.

Even if I remotely took off and flew it back to me I would still not say it will do the same for you at your location. Once your over 5k things enter a very different realm.

Building an aircraft that can fly 10Km + is something that is far from simple or in the realms of low budget.

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yeah, building a fixed wing plane for 10km range is not a very big issue, but building a quad-copter with that much range requires really tough engineering and research. Few years back I made a hexa copter that had 5km range and could fly for 60min with Walkera Gimbal and SJCAM4000. Now i am stepping up the system and will aim to fly for 90min. I hope I can get to that point…


CUAV was copying since APM1.0. I didn’t bought their product.

White_Noor,you really need to take the plung purchase stuff and try,you say you do the research so there should be no purchase of wrong stuff,in this hobby thats what we do purchase,try,experiment then move to next step of project,really simple process


Everybody has their own point of view, I respect yours. But in my opinion its a foolish and childish habbit to buy stuff without properly reading about that stuff and then later it goes to waste as it was not useful for your application. For spending 2500$ one a projct one needs to read a bit, dont u agree? To Check whether the things that u want actually do what they claim… u need to read

White,yes I agree we must get knowledge on the product,but at the same time you expect other person’s to spend money on equipment and do all the research for you,buy stuff learn on it progress from there,ive got a 3 different radio’s,one is exceptional the other 2 ar o/k but im prepared to try stuff,im a person with very little money to spend but still love the thrill of playing with new stuff

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No dear u r wrong. Not in a single post i asked or requested anyone or even motivated anyone to buy anything and spend their money to do tests for me. I only ask stuff from ppl who already have the hardware and have handson experience. U got me wrong here

I just posted the CAD files to the 3d printed mount I’m using here: