HereLink as Slave


Can I have 1 HereLink Air unit with 2 HereLink Remote? one remote as Master and the second one as Slave?



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simple answer is no, one air unit, one remote unit.

however, what was the plan for the second unit?

Thanks Michael

One remote to fly the drone, 1 remote to control de gimbal with the cameras and video cameras.

we do plan on adding support for this. however via hotspot. ie the second unit connected to the first units hotspot. but still a WIP

ok, thanks!

You know if I can have 2 HL Airunits on the same drone without problem or interfenrece?


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ive never tested that, but you would need to ensure that the antennas are well separated (ie 2 600mw transmitters in close proximity can cause issues). also you might need to manually assign the channels they use. the ability to assign a fixed channel is in alpha testing atm.

Hey there! This is an interesting topic for me too! We are planning to use 2 ground stations to receive only the video at the start and the end of a long flight route…
Would be great to achieve that using Herelink!
Thanks for the support!

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Hi RoboMotic, we have been testing a slave set up with the herelink system, the Hotspot works fine across 2 Rc’s but you cannot configure the buttons or sticks in any useful way to control a payload on the slave controller.

We have successfully flown with 2 herelinks on 1 drone successfully with no noticeable interference while flying close range (not pushed it too far yet)
Hereling 1 using Sbus 1 to RCin on pixhawk cube, and herelink 2 using Sbus 1 to camera Sbus and telem2 connected to the pixhawk cube.
we are still testing this workaround and would much prefere to be able to use one air unit with 2 herelink Rcs


hi @Craig_Wilcock

If you couldn’t use the buttons or ticks on the slave remote, how did you control te gimbal camera?


Hi RoboMotic, for “not being able to use the buttons and stick in a useful way” i was refering to a slave set up via 1 herelink air unit with 2 radios,
the pilot radio has access to all channels, but the slave radio can not be set up to to allocate different channels for the sticks or any buttons being used by the pilot radio.
this is th reason we set up using 2 herlink air units and 2 Rc’s
one dedicated to the Pilot and Pixhawk cube with the second system operating the camera independently