HereLink buttons, RTL & auto LGR deploy not working

hi. I have tried to play with different button values to get automatic LGR deploy on RTL before final stage of landing.
On my futaba RC, if i set LGR on 3 pos switch, the neutral position enables automatic deploying of landing gear but with HereLink i have not managed to get that feature to work.

I have LGR operated on ch8 thru servo11, and the only way to get LGR working is to set in MP option rc ch8 (58),
if set servo11 to LGR (29), i cant get any response from LGR (ch8).
Is this known issue with HereLink or is my config wrong ?

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You need to assign a button to the ch8, on herelink. You may want to reconsider doing this, since there are very few options to assign functions to the herelink buttons.

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I did tried to assign one button to ch8 for lgr neutral, it did not activate auto deploy, but yeah, you are right, i think i leave some button options free for now, need them for gimbal and camera control anyway and forget the lgr auto deploy. thanks