Herelink comm module version

Hi !
Are there any plans to create Herelink in a standalone communications module, which can be connected to a PC or tablet ? USB, mini PCIe? Perhaps not a commercial but an OEM version ?

I’m impressed by capabilities of the radio part of Herelink, but the tablet/remote is totally useless for the use cases I’m working with. So I can benefit from an OEM module.


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Any estimated timelines as to when it might be available?

I hate giving estimates… they are always disappointing…


Any update on this? I’d also like a way to use the herelink radio communication capabilities but with my own screen and remote.

I’m also very keen on this feature! It’s very difficult to keep the controller up and pointing to an aircraft thats far away and been flying for an hour. If you put the controller down for a minute to go to the loo, the aircraft failsafes.

@philip - is this still in the works?