HereLink Controller Home Button

I assumed that the home button on the HereLink controller was to quickly set the flight mode to RTL. I am not seeing anyway of setting up this button and I do not see it doing anything when pressed. Is there any information someone can give me about this button?

The only thing I have seen it function as is to restart QGC when you forcefully stop it.

Same here - Home button seems to be not available for mapping in QGC. Any clarification from Herelink guys - regarding that? @philip?

Home button is not yet configured for use outside of Android system, as of now. We intend to make it so in future release.

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@sidbh - while you are at home button implementation - would it be in theory possible also to use left stick left/right positions as buttons? Would be quite nice feature to set loiter/cruise flight mode for a plane via moving left stick to left or to the right.

@frame, you can potentially do that right now. Its just a matter of changing Ardupilot RC configuration.

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