Herelink Development Progress

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Given that Herelink has beeen on sale for almost 12 months, the last software update was roughly 6 months ago and is still in beta, can the designers/developers please start providing updates (maybe monthly like Ardupilot does) on the develpment progress? Please dont missunderstand me, I am not expecting people to try and commit to a strict schedule but some updates about the development progress of software and hardware would be welcome.

The updates could be in the form of saying that we are working on the design of this hardware or we are currently testing prototypes of this hardware or these are the challanges we are facing with the software developemnt.

If software needs testing then please release it to the beta test community. That is what we have paid to be a part of.

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Hi Brett,

To be totally honest, I don’t have much visibility into the software update process yet. I’ve been providing updates to the team when I add a new feature to Solex (e.g. RTSP support) and I’ve heard mention of the app being “in testing”. What I’d like to do is have some sort of semi-regular schedule for updates, which I’ll be better able to accommodate moving forward. (It’s been crazy around here this year…) My understanding is that device pairing and RC channel configuration are the remaining two items to implement on Solex for the HereLink, at which point I would expect it to move to some sort of a “production” status.

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Hi Kelly,

Thank you for the response, I appreciate it.

It would be great for Herelink to get a semi regular update cadence along with communication and discussion about the features / fixes included in the release.

I am really looking forward to using Solex on the Herelink. Being able to use on screen buttons for gimbal control and camera control is a must for what I want to do. I am hopeful that it will be available in the very near future.