Herelink Firmware Update script Error

On my new Herelink i’ve been trying to update it per the website instructions. I have both Mac and Windows 10 PC. Neither of them seems to work.

I put the unit into update mode
I then connect it to the computer via USB to windows 10 PC
It shows up under devices
I then execute the script.
It does say Remote Unit Detected
The script lines toward the end say “Failure to execute script”

What am I doing wrong?

please post a screenshot of where the error is happening

It seems to detect it and then this happens


did you run out of disk space?

I’m not sure. I just checked. It says 80mb of 5 gigs used so it looks like its got plenty of memory. Why is it saying [Error 13] Permission Denied?

to do the firmware update you would need at least 4gb free disk space. can you try another pc?

I don’t have another windows computer immediately accessible. The computer itself has more than 500 gigs of available memory. I’m not a windows person so I’m slow to learn these problems. I read the Error 13 code has to do with installing programs and possibly adding .net framework. I recently had to upgrade my windows PC from 7 to 10 to get the cube orange working. I noticed some other programs are running into the same error now. I will try installing .net and making sure all updates are complete. Any other advice would be very appreciated.

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Try installing

I used a windows 7 computer and it updated just fine. But now I have a new problem. The Product key. The outside of the box has two number, none of which is 16 digits. There is a Serial number and a barcode number. Neither of them fit the 16 digit registration key it asks for. I contacted my reseller (IRLOCK) to see if they can give me a product key. I thought if this was a recent release of the Herelink the key would be on the box.

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Probably not still. They should be able to get you the key.

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I’ll give this a try on my windows 10 PC the next time I update. At least now I know it works easily on windows 7. I think its some kind of permission issue when installing programs from 3rd party vendors. I also got the key and finished updating the unit so I’m almost ready to fly. Thank you!


agh you have windows 10 S??? S is limited in every way

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