HereLink for critical commercial ops

Good morning,
I need to make a decision today about HereLink.
I have a first release HereLink on probably the first or second firmware version.
I want to install it onto a copter running the cube black as it will allow me to compress my current GCS setup, 2.4ghz control, 900mhz telemetry, and 5.8ghz video links into one near unit.
So, give it to me straight! I have a week to get this up and running. Is HL mission ready or am I wasting my time? Should I update it? I bought it from Pixhawk Store, which is now XM2 Store so I have no idea if I’ll even be able to get a software key.
Any input or advice gratefully received. I’d really like to use HL for this but time is critical if I am to find an alternative.


The latest release firmware is basically classed as the the new Stable Release, this will mean it’s no longer in beta.

Is it perfect no but no system is however there literally is no other systems out there for Ardupilot or PX4 that’s as capable or has the development Herelink has.

All the vendors have been issued keys for the units they sold so contact them they should be able to sort you out. .

Thanks Ian

That was my hope. HereLink offers me features that I won’t be able to replicate with other systems I use.
I have a project running that requires constant relocation between flights and being able to ditch all the GCS paraphernalia in favour of the one controller would be a game changer.