Herelink HDMI Input

Can anyone say what resolutions are supported be the Herelink Air unit? Specifically does it support 720p? and are there any setting we can change other than what is in the QGC menu?

No settings to be changed. 1080p and 720p

I’m having problems getting video from my FLIR Vue Pro to work with the herelink. My GoPro Hero3 works perfectly., and I can plug HDMI from the FLIR directly into a monitor, and it works. But FLIR hdmi into the herelink produces no image on the controler. Any Ideas?

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Are you using the Flir hdmi module that was made for the solo? If so I don’t think it is compatible. We have tried as well but no image to the HereLink. It does however work on an old fpv monitor…the type of device it not supposed to be compatible with…go figure…

Thanks, I was afraid of that. Yes, it’s the module for lightbridge, and solo. I wrongly assumed that hdmi was hdmi. Any other options for getting that camera to work with the herelink?

Yes I’m trying a generic a/v to hdmi converter this week. I’ll post here what happens.

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If someone is willing to send one to our team in Xiamen, I’m sure they would love to help figure it out. Unfortunately we don’t have all possibilities of cameras to try

Not sure we can do that with the Export restrictions on that camera.


I have a camera with an analog video output. Do you know how I can plug it to the Herelink? It is impossible now with the two hdmi inputs.
Maybe by openning the Herelink I can solder the analog video wires at some places?

There is no place for an analogue video feed in HereLink.

You need to either get a hdmi camera, or get a analog to hdmi converter

Anyone happen to know if the FLIR DUO Pro R HDMI output is compatible with the Herelink system? According to FLIR the output is as follows: Digital Video Output: 1080p60, 1080p30, 720p60



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Yes we use the FLIR DUO Pro with herelink on our machines. before the firmware update it worked with 1080p at 30fps. After the firmware update on the herelink it works with all 3. 720p 30, 720p 60 and 1080p 30.

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Thank you!

Thanks! Out of curiosity, are you using PWM or MAVLINK for camera control?

I will also be wanting to use a flir vue pro with the herelink, if you end up getting this to work please let me know, also what are you using for HDMI out on the Flir?

Wn0x we use PWM, just 2 of the 3 outputs from the camera as with PX4 I’m limited with aux channels

Thanks Cameron!

I am able to get GPS data to the Duo Pro reliably via both Serial4 and Serial5, but can’t trigger the camera with the standard shutter commands.

Would love to find someone who is able to control the shutter, color pallette, picture mode and zoom etc. via Mavlink.

I havent managed to get Mavlink to work and would also be very interested on how to do this. Ardupilot gives me more Aux channels to use (I think i had 5 aux channels running at one stage. But we want PX4 and this seems more limited

just use ardupilot