HERELINK help with RPI

I could use some help, I’ve finally got it where my rpi4 will recognize the herelink via usb. Once connected and usb tethering option on herelink will become available, then eth0 with an ip will show up on the rpi, now I’m trying to run mavproxy on the rpi and hitting a roadblock. After running netcat , It seems that there are no packets being sent from the herelink to the rpi when connected via usb on ports 14550 -14555,

brad@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo --master=udp: --out=/dev/ttyAMA0,57600
Connect udp: source_system=255
Log Directory:
Telemetry log: mav.tlog
Waiting for heartbeat from
MAV> link 1 down

I can connect herelink to rpi by hotspot and run mavproxy successfully. Problem is the 2.4 ghz radio on the rpi can’t be fully turned off without turning off the 5ghz and I don’t want the rpi 2.4 interfering with the herelink 2.4 ghz. So i decided to go the usb tethering route.