Herelink Internal Recording

Hello my friends on CubePilot,I have got my Hawkeye Spilt camera videoing with out cutting out at the moment any,using a Tarot micro HDMI cable and a constant 12v regulated power to the Hawkeye,my problem is when I try and record with the Herelink it seems to do it in 40/60sec busts not continuous,ive got a 64gb premium Sandisk in the Hawkeye,video quality excellent is there a setting I can alter to get continuous video.many thank’s

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I assume it’s recording on the Camera ? How is it being triggered ?

Hi I am using the red record button on the solex screen to try and get it recording on the Herelink sd card,recording on the camera is triggered by pressing it’s record button

Has your issue has been solved > @MartyMcFly

ive been away from this for a while due to ill health but hopefully back to it now so have not tried it yet