HereLink issue switching between GoPro and Flir

@Jimmy_Oliver is having an issue where he looses video stream after switching between a GoPro, and a Flir camera multiple times

@Michael_Oborne, can you please assist Jimmy in getting some logs for diagnosis?

so the first thing is to get some datapoints
try with solex
try with QGC
do they both have the same issue?
also what time are you waiting between switching cameras? ie are we talkin 1 second? or 1 minute?

feel free to post any other info you think might be relevant.

Here’s a quick video of the problems. I have only used Solex. The system has worked before but many times in the field it is this camera problem and the app crashing.

Herelink Camera Swap


@Jimmy_Oliver the video is good

ok so it looks like solex is having issues stopping and resuming the video on the second port.
it would be good to test QGC as well, just to confirm the FLIR and GoPro are both sending video in the first place. ive tagged kelly as well.

Yep, I’ll agree that looks pretty bad. On my HereLink, I’ve noticed that video takes a while to switch, but I’m certainly not seeing crashes when it’s trying to do it. However, I’ll definitely take a look at this.

Any further information here? In our other chat, you were rebuilding it

Is this a question for me? What other chat? I’m not rebuilding it (whatever “it” is), but I have been trying for a long time to get some kind of reliability in the video streaming. I can reliably connect to the air-units video stream(s) the first time, but if I disconnect suddenly (such as by killing the app without explicitly disconnecting, etc), I essentially have to reboot the air unit before I can get a stream again. I just get timeout errors the next time I try to connect. If I wait a while, something on the air unit restarts eventually and then I can connect again without rebooting the air unit. I’m sure it’s frustrating using video streaming in Solex on the HereLink. Probably almost as frustrating as developing video streaming in Solex on the HereLink. :slight_smile:

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No Kelly, that was for Jimmy :slight_smile:
Jimmy was going to rebuild the aircraft

Oh. Well in any case, I’m still going to improve the streaming on Solex. :slight_smile:

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