Herelink issues

Hi, this is my experience since updated Herelink Firmware.

  1. Is there a way to arm motors without using Solex or QGC, as a normal remote control with sticks?
  2. Mapping buttons in Solex issue: CAM long press doesn’t work.
  3. Many connections lost in QGC.
  4. What happens with throttle center zero enabled when I release the stick during a flight?
  5. QGC issues: when I change from QGC to setup herelink app and go back shows this message:

Detected problems with app native libraries (please consult log for details): text relocation)

  1. QCS issues: battery voltage unstable in QGC (glitch 0% -100%) and works in Solex.

  2. Gimbal control issues:
    I only can move tilt (not pan) with the wheel but when I release it, the gimbal returns to center.
    I try to assign wheel settings / clear wheel settings to the short/long press D button to switch between pan/tilt but doesn’t work.


Herelink Setup

WChannel 10
WBus 1

Solex Setup
Wheel settings

Channel 11
min/max values 1200/1900

Arducopter 4.0.3 and latest Herelink and air unit firmware.