Herelink joystick has a very unstable Input

Hi, I was trying to configure my Herelink since I only want to use joystick.
I don’t know what I did wrong but my Herelink joystick inputs are very unstable. It doesn’t even yield outputs according to scaling, it only yields only the maximum and minimum value.

Attached is the video link:

Hope anyone can help. Thanks a lot

Did you try to re-calibrate the joystick?
Did the joystick been hit on surface before?

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I’m pretty sure that the joystick has never been hit on the surface before.
Here’s the video of my HW JS CAL

I might have clicked something. The movement automatically shows the maximum and mini value and not the process of it going there. It’s like binary output

I think the remote is not calibrated properly
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Yeah you were right. I calibrated and did not finish it. Do you have any thoughts on how to fix this one

do the calibration again. and until its completed, ignore the square box’s on the bottom right of the screen

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