Herelink Key

Sorry to ask but I am kind of lost. I purchased a herelink on amazon from Hex Technology. The box does not have any 16 digit codes so i sent them a question about it and emailed them as well but have not heard back. Is there a way I can PM the serial number and get a key?

The key is on the plastic housing of the Herelink you probably put into your trash :wink:
It’s a little white sticker

Do you mean it is on the controller itself? I only see the serial number which is 15 digits. I still have everything in the amazon box, i have not thrown anything away and anything that has a series of numbers/letters is not 16 digits.

The herelink black box is protected by a plastic housing blister you must remove to open the box.
The sticker with the key is on this housing

I have the same problem. I have the plastic wrapper right here and it does not have a HereLink product key. Like Nick, I only have the serial number on the box top cover.

Yeah there is only a sticker/tag that has the product name and a non 16 digit code on the plastic wrap. I was able to find out who sold it from Amazon and contacted them.

If there is no sticker on the blister, contact your reseller, he would be able to provide the key.

I had the same issue. Look on the Amazon order and determine who the supplier was. In my case in the US it was IR-LOCK. I reached out to them through their contact form on there website on a Friday and they sent me a key the next day. They will need the serial number of your controller and your Amazon order number.

Hope this helps.

WHY are these missing in the first place??? :-1: