Herelink Looking for Vehicle SOLEX and QGC

Booted the Herelink after being 2 weeks off and even though Radio connects to Air unit, it does not connect to the Solex or QGC app.
Checked UART cable for continuity, checked LED2 (i get yellow) seems not to talk to the controller which is the latest 4.1.5 stable copter. I updated the Control, also the airunit (AAU01211129 for the air unit, Ground unit BRU01211104), did the bind a few times, testee Serial1 as Mav1 and Mav2 (im on telem1), took of the RFD from Telm2 to be sure nothing was mixing up, took of from GPS2 the serial Lidar connected there. tested various Baud rates, for some reason it does not want to connect on serial. Any ideas?

Update for anyone checking this post. I disconnected virtually everything from the Cube orange, besides Tel1 and Sbus from airunit. reflashed all firmware. Then tested tel1 &2 with the rfd868 only and both worked. Airunit still does not connect over serial.

Issue was resolved!
Format Cube to latest rover, reinstall Copter 4.1.5 and started taking back in one by one basic parameter for PID, notch, GPS and sensors and allowed the factory settings for telem 1 and 2. I will make a comparrison list tomorrow in order to post to find which settings might affected this so other people that might encounter the same issue can have it solved.

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Waiting you bro.
My qgcs have same problem.
Don’t know how to fix

Sorry for the late reply, but i was out of office for almost a month and now i am knee deep into work.
I had already posted a reply on how i made it work!