HereLink Product key if original reseller is unknown?

I purchased a new HereLink off eBay, followed the instructions from this forum to update it, and now it’s stuck on the activation window. I know it was new, because I’m the one that opened the plastic blister packaging and took off the beta warning sticker etc.
Is there any way to find who the original reseller was by the serial number? I have reached out to the seller, but haven’t heard back yet. Would be nice to be flying this weekend if possible.
Thank you for any help or ideas,

Hey Jed. Theres a thing on the back of the ground controller that you can scratch off for the key. Let me know if yours is missing that

Thank you for the reply, I wish I could find something like that! Unfortunately, it just looks like the serial number. Here’s a picture of the back of my unit:

And the box:

Thanks for the help!

Oh man. I don’t know in that case… @Alvin might be able to help?

Yeah, and the major bummer is, I bought TWO of them! Some discount of course, but I paid $560 US for each, so not like they were free. At the moment I have over $1,100 worth of paperweights here. :smiley: Haha oh well, that’s life.
Thank you to anyone who can help get me flying on these. Switching back to my regular transmitter on one hexacopter now, just to get it back in the air today. :frowning:

We have check this unit and it is originally from Aero Systems West. You may contact them to get a key.

Hi Alvin, thank you very much. I appreciate the help. I’ll get in touch with them for the key for this one. I’m hoping the other HereLink I purchased has the key on it; I haven’t even opened it yet.
Thank you again for your time.