HereLink QGC fixes Update


I have posted a bug on the QGC site and they already fix it.

There is any way I can update the HL QGC with the fix?


In the CubePilot GitHub raise an issue and link that issue

ok thanks

but I cant find the tab issues:

@sidbh? Issues? How do we link them?

This issue will be resolved as we update the QGC in the future release.


There is any workarround to make it work meanwhile the realese is done?

I really need to count with both sensors on the HL

Crii Criiii :cricket: :cricket: :cricket:


I really need to get fix this issue on the HL. How can aply the fix to HL? @philip


Until the next firmware comes out, there is no faster solution, I’m sorry

You can always run mission planner on a laptop connected to HereLink

ok, when do you think will be realese the next firmware?

I cant ask to the customer to do that… the idea is to be portable…

He can run latest QGC on a tablet… and connect via HereLink in the short term