HereLink RangeFinder


I have 2 proximity sensor working on my blackCube, in MP I can see both distance, (forward and down), but on the HereLink, I only can see the front sensor.

Any trick to see both?

here some pictures

For advanced features like these… please use mission planner.

…mmmm I really need to read both sensors from the HereLink… any option?

May I ask why? If you need a feature added, the code is available for a pull request

I have to make a very precision landing, so I need to be very near to the wall in this case (front sensor) and the lowest I can (down sensor), As the barometer altitude sensor is not too precise in this case, I have add the down sensor. MP works just fine, but I cant be with the computer all the time, the idea of the HL is not to have the computer.

FWIW, this is coming to Solex at some point soon.