Herelink Remote ID with Cube ID CAN Module

Question relating to setup and use of can module for remote ID functionality in conjunction with Herelink v1.1 system.

ArduCopter 4.3.7 built for cube orange +, bdshot, and ODID. Set board ID to 10063 to lock to bootloader. This is just a homemade quad copter and my good faith effort to comply with the rules.

Used mission planner to configure can module following docs for the module. Then went to herelink configuration tool and turned on remote ID and filled in some of that junk in there. Result is that I get a green indicator on the herelink and can see data in the drone tracking apps. Herelink updated recently (maybe a couple days ago or three).

BUT… the green indicator kinda goes red sometimes. No rhyme or reason. I’m wondering if it might be possible I have a bad connection somewhere or if it should work reliably. There’s pretty much no documentation that I have found tying the herelink to the cube id can module. I was thinking of trying the serial connector instead to just see if maybe I have some issue with the can side of the house. Was hoping maybe someone here had a suggestion. In all honesty I tried the remote id config/switch in herelink when I got to the part where I needed to figure out getting gps from the controller to the bird. It appears to work (when it works) as it shows my controller location separate from the copter when it is flying… so maybe this should work.

I appreciate any feedback or suggestions.