Herelink remote will not bind to air unit after upgrade

I can not bind to the air unit after the latest update. I updated the both the control unit and air unit with the flasher back in June. I updated to latest but the OTA update will not work for the air unit. It will not even bind. Any suggestions?

had the same issue fought it for hours… trust me here use the remote in fastboot mode then go to device manager on your computer and find the remote in the usb section remove the driver and reinstall the google driver. then you can plug in the air unit and upgrade it with the flasher. you can get the google usb driver at the “how to upgrade firmware page”

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Hey Tyler, That was the ticket!!! It wasn’t all smooth sailing though. I also had to disable my antivirus program as it was trying to scan it or just block it. A very big thank you! I just about gave up after hours working on it as well. Sometimes just knowing others did it a certain way eliminates unknows and then able to isolate other problems (antivirus). Thanks again

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Glad I could help man! I was pulling my hair out for about 8 hours Saturday lol almost bought a whole new air unit.