Herelink strange behavior quad crash

During tests flights, very strange event happen. After an auto mission and without remove battery I try a second flight when everything start to go bad. Quad copter starts to spin around and went up to the air without any control. I tried change mode to auto, rtl and alt hold without any luck. The quad crash after some time of flight (when the battery was empty) hopefully with out anybody hurt. I check the log file and I see that the rc (herelink) send the continuous yaw movement and a lot of other commands. Please could you see the log and help me. Is herelink problem or something else?
Thanks in advance

link to download bin file


After some flights tests I manage to reproduce the problem. At start I notice that when I armed the copter its disarm immediately, so I check the joystick and I notice that the all channels was at low position and stuck there despite the move I make to joysticks. When I restart herelink everything working fine again. I make a joystick calibration and after a lot of flights is working fine but I am afraid now and before I arm the copter I always check the joystick. I have already buy and use more that 10 herelink units and it’s the first that have this behaviour. Is it possible to understand if it is a hardware error or software?


That happened to me but on throttle stick only. Actually, didn’t check the others. I could not get it to arm and I checked the channel out and it would not change; therefore, couldn’t arm. Reboot solved the problem but, as these are beta units, I am not putting it into my 16kg octo as the main controller for now