Herelink switch sbus1to sbus2

Hello, Team
Is it possible to use the joysticks for sbus1 to sbus2 from a button for switched 1 to 2 ?
Example : from button I choose sbus1 now with joysticks I drive my rover , if I want control my gimbal from button I select sbus2 Now I can drive my gimbal

Thank you so much for your help

HI Eric,I donot recommand switch from sbus1 to sbus 2 ,you will unable to control your drone when you move gimbal.
May I suggest you use buttom and wheel to control gimbal.
Or try dual control , the second controller will use sbus2 to control your gimbal,and you still have sbus1 to control the drone.

Hi Mike,
Thank you so much for your help, I understand for a drone but I have a rover , that for this reason I would like to have this possibility.
Also I would like to configure for the same channel a button for move to the left and a button for move to the right , is it possible?
In advance thank you so much

Hi Eric
Sbus cannot be switched with buttom.
Yes, you can set buttom to channel 5 to 16.
If you use 2 buttom,then the channel will hold the certain pwm value,and your direction will keep at same angle.
But , you can set 3 buttom in one channel,left,right and center.

Thanks Mike ,
Is it possible to show me an example of settings ?