Herelink USB port fail

The USB port has come loose and taken some of the PCB with it. Can anyone tell me if it may be repairable, or if it is possible to purchase a replacement PCB?
I need to keep working in the meantime, so i am thinking of replacing the internal batterry with an external one, or adding leads so i can at least charge the internal one.
Can anyone advise the best voltage for running and / or charging? and what the green wire is for?

Many thanks

Can you sahre some detail pictures of usb port?

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Hi Mike,

can you help?

ideally we would like to replace the PCB. But in the short term we need to try and charge the internal battery or replace it with an external one if you could tell me the specs?

Kind regards


Hi Malcolm
For safety reasons,this unit should only use original battery can chrge from usb port.
Please connect to your local dealer see if they could provide some assist.

Best regards