Herelink V1.1


does Herelink v1.1 ground control unit have store memories to use with more than one air units? I mean, just in case you have more than one drone and want to use the same ground unit for diferent drones.


There is nobody to answer this question?
I’ve been reading a lot and I found time ago someone who asked something like that and was told that new version of kerelink would do this. I’ve been looking hard in the specs about this but is not clear.
@Michael_Oborne @philip

Thanks in advance.

Ok, it is been answered in other post. Pity not possible yet. Thanks anyway.

yes it is possible, but the UI to make it easy has not yet been added. sorry. at this point you still have to manually pair between vehicles

I appreciate you answer as taking this investment takes its time, and buying 3 ground units would not be an option. Happy to hear it and looking forward to see a soon update with this feature.

You can manually pair each time, so no need for multiple ground units… but yes, it’s a pain