Herelink vehicle reboot after compass calibration

Hi~ I have Cube Orange with Herelink.

I’m having difficulty using Herelink QGC(error messages…),
So I decided to use Herelink Solex.

After successfully calibrating Compass with Solex, it asks me to reboot the vehicle.
How can I reboot the vehicle in the Solex app?

I pulled off power cable and put back on.
But still can’t arm the vehicle, saying “Compass Not Calibrated”.

Thank you~!

Power cable reboot is fine. But it’s not storing the calibration ?

i saw a similar issue recently on another users cube.

can you please mavftp download the backup epprom data.

in Mission planner goto
config > mavftp > apm > strg_bck and download all the files, zip it and post it here.
this is to diagnose a possible issue

the fix for the other user was to clear the epprom 100% and start again. this can be done by loading rover firmware, then back to copter

Unfortunately no. It’s not storing the calibration. Keep giving warning “Compass Not Calibrated”.