Herelink video feed not working reliable

I have herelink for 2 years. Never used for real work bcs its simple unreliable. From 20 starts it work with video maximum 1 time. The gopro hero 7 is only blinking. I tryed several other camera. Tryed everything went through all discussions. Tryed every available piece of cables spent over years hundreds additional euro on cables reductions etc…

Simple unreliable and useless.

Simply is mostly not true.

But there are issues with the video transmission, especially when it’s not 1080p.
If you give more information about the video source one might be able to help you.

The settings are ok bcs from 20 power up/downs it starts to work. But later usually after 10minutes for 100% freezes up again. Really I tryed everything.

  • connected PC hdmi source (same problem the PC display is blinking and no video transmission) also 1 from 20starts work for 10 minutes
  • different cameras
  • different cables
  • bought replacement antennas
  • used proper power supply 2S battery
  • all existing hints in discissions

Probably the piece I have is a crap. But I spent 900euro on herelink system so I can buy another… thatean I lost my money I will not risk that same happen again. From reseller no support. Very low support here.

The cheap Sky…id system work much more reliable just out of the box.

Have you upgraded the firmware to latest stable?
If so, please replicate the problem and generate a bug report.