Herelink video streaming not working at 720p60

Hi everyone,

I am using a FLIR duo R with the Herelink station. I need to use the 720p60 resolution of the FLIR but in Herelink QGrounControl I don’t receive the video. It stays WAITING FOR VIDEO.
With 1080p30 and 1080p60 it works perfectly.


FLIR configuration:

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks a lot

Why can’t you use the other resolutions?

Hi Philip.

I have to use that resolution because the FLIR camera is also connected to a Raspberry Pi through an adapter (HDMI / CSI) that only supports a 720p60 or 1080p25 hdmi input. So the only input resolution of the adapter compatible with the FLIR is 720p60.

But from what I’ve seen, herelink only supports 720p30, 1080p30 or 1080p60 resolution.

So I don’t know how to fit all the pieces.

Thank you

Hi @philip, we have a piece of hardware which outputs the video with resolution 720p30, 800x600p30 and 800x600p60. All of them are not working with the herelink.

  1. What are the supported resoultion for the actual firmware version v0.2.2 ?
  2. What will be the supported resolution for the new firmware version vXXX ?
  3. When will be the new firmware released ?

Many thanks