Herelink Wheel min max sbus values


Is there any way to setup min-max values for sbus in herelink wheel?
I could not find a provision for such settings. I am using stable firmware.
Currently, it provides min 874 and max 2126. I would like to get 1100 and 1900.


If you use the wheel on sbus, you can go to full parameter list to set the upper and lower trim of rc.
If you use solex, you can simply go to button mapping. At the right-bottom corner Wheel Settings you can set the min and max value for the wheel.

I am using wheel on sbus using qgroundcontrol and arducopter. Setting up min max values doesn’t work in autopilot as I have to passthrough RC to servo channel in order to control the gimbal. It passes a raw received value from here link.
Is there any way to set this value in herelink itself?

There is no way to change the max and min pwm value for sbus out, except the one with solex.

Maybe you can try setting SERVOx_MAX and SERVOx_MIN aside from setting SERVOx_FUNCTION to 1?

Hi Alvin,

Wheel is being used for gimbal control using RC passthrough. ardupilot dose not respect min-max of RC as well as SERVO params in case of passthrough. It only works if signal is consumed or generated by ardupilot. Unfortunately cant use Solex as need custom implementation with qgc.
Is solex open source by any chance?
Is it possible to have this feature of limiting sbus values of wheel whithin herelink itself in coming updates?