Hexa Frame Recomandation


Can anyone recomend me an Hexa Frame, for 15" or 16" props?, 6 to 7kg of total weight.


Have a look at the Tarot range as they are reasonably priced and sturdy frames.

Have built quite a few of these with good success.
One example : http://www.uavs.com.au/foldingOct.html

Not to thread-jack, but if anybody can recommend solid hexa Tarot alternatives in that size range short of the multi-thousand dollar molded carbon fiber Yangda frames (and the like) I’d be interested as well.

Just seems not a lot of solid options for the 16-20" category without going very DIY (which I will probably do, eventually, but I’m far more interested in in spending time on the non-frame stuff).

I’ve considered trying to source a gutted Yuneec H920 or something and build it up with CubePilot innards – but would be really nice if there was a bare frame of that nature in the $1k range.