High Data Loss Percentage

Hi everyone,

While testing, I seemed to notice that the data loss percentage as shown under the MAVLINK section in QGC is approximately 35 - 45% on average and sometimes spiking up to 60%. Right now, I am testing Herelink on a test rig which is basically a plastic box with the pixhawk, its peripherals, herelink air unit and the herelink antenna’s placed within.

I am testing from approximately 50m away at max and the herelink antennas are placed 20-30cm apart.

The test rig is a surface boat and I am always in line of sight since it’s a pool.

Is this the average expected loss percentage or am I having a higher loss than average? What are the guidelines that I should follow to further optimize this?

There was a bug in the chip around this and it has been fixed in alpha, which will soon become beta. It’s purely cosmetic.

Hi Alvin,

Noted, thank you for your response.