How much current can a single pin on the servo rail take?


As I was thinking about to redesign a PCB for the cube servo rail connection, I came upon a problem that it is difficult to create a PCB that can fit in all the signal, power and ground pins. Hence, I wanted to reduce some ground pins and power pins to open up space for the signal connection to other components in my PCB.

This got me thinking. Since all the powers and ground in servo rail are connected, can I just connect a single pair of power and ground to a power source? To know the possibility of connecting it this way, I think it is important to know how much current one servo rail pin can take. Hence it will help if any of you out there knows this!

What I know so far is below:
In the event of a main power failure, the IO chip will take power from the servo rail for up to 10v and with the peripherals, take up to 2.75A.

Thanks guys!

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I usually just ask 1A per pin. Though 3A is possible