How to access adb shells on Herelink devices?

Are there any instructions how to access adb shells on Herelink controller and air unit?

It’s standard Android. Best google how to put an android device into developer mode, then adb.

No special bits for HereLink

Ok - I can see that when tapping “About phone” -> “Build number” 7x it enables Android developer mode menu and it shows that USB debugging is already enabled - on Controller unit.

But what about Air unit - is USB debugging enabled there by default - or there is some special sequence to enable it?

Just for reference:

  • Both herelink devices - controller and air unit - seem to have adb enabled over usb connection by default
  • Just plug microUSB cable to unit and run “adb shell” on connecting PC
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How to run run “adb shell”? Sorry I am newbie with Herelink. Can I also do it with a Mac?

You need android develper tools. Works on Mac.